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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hobby: woodcarving

For the love of my hobby; to its potential as a unique product

Wood carving is one of the best thing in my life. It really brings a lot of enjoyment and self satisfaction.
Ideas and imagination can be converted into art pieces for self admiration or selling it for a value as it is worth sharing.
Any pieces created is absolute unique as it is really hard to replicate (unless you go for programmed machining - which is not the true meaning of an art piece).

Pebble and stone will be bringing up a lot of wood carving series starting with the "Dapur Series". This series will focus on kitchen utensil with the eloquent detail on each wooden utensil.
The first 2 series will be :
1. Dapur Series
2. Kayu Patah Series

As the series will be hand made, expect to see the end result for 3-4 weeks depending on how complicated is the carving pattern.

This is the introduction to the wood carving world of pebble and stone.

This is my prized collection; wooden vase with a really nice flower and leaf detail complimented by a cross hatching on top and the bottom of the flower detail.

product: mini flower pot

Mini flower pot comes in a lot of variety. Samples shown are just 2 of many combination we can come up with the flower and vase selection. Small white stone or green weeds compliments the flower arrangement.

Mini flower pot are within range of:
RM25 - RM 35 (including postal charges)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful Earth; Jinhua, China

Entrance to Dragon Mountain, Jinhua
People around the world might not know Jinhua as well as Shanghai. What ever Shanghai can offer, Jinhua can equal or better than; especially if we are talking about Nature. Shanghai is the economic road from Center of China to the sea in old days. This propelled Shanghai name throughout the world and hide the fact that hidden in northern part of China (highland area) are one of the greatest forest and mountain in the China if not the world, the Dragon Mountain.

Pebbleandstone is lucky enough to be able to reach Jinhua and experienced the wonderful scenery and heritage. Jinhua not only is beautiful but also offer a lot of other nature and human wonders. One of them is the first Medicine Museum in China. The Museum is located inside the Yin and Yang Village. Etched at the top of the doorways of the Museum, The Prime Minister of the Village once said " If I can't be a good Minister, I will be a good Doctor ".

The villagers still live in this village although most of them are the elders. In a special area inside the museum, herbs and dried animal are being exhibits as part of the introduction to the collections of herbs and medicinal stuff originated and available from the village. Worth to mention, this village is quite far and secluded even in this modern era. The village is so secluded that when Japan try to invade China, this is the only place left unharmed as it is unreachable. the whole village is surrounded by hill and mountain with secret passage to link people inside and outside the village.
Next: Jinhua and its underground cave. (so big it is considered as dragon lair by local)

For now, enjoy these pieces of experience from Jinhua, China.

Pond at Dragon Mountain

Mountain view from hill top

One of the Hall inside Medicine Museum

Yin and Yang Village. Pond and Land area are built based on Ying and Yang diagram

Yin and Yang village map

Herbs on display

Detail carving on museum hall roof

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Core77 is one of the coolest design magazine on the net. No matter if you're into design or not, this is a must have link and sure to drool you away.

Check this weird alligator cake knife from Oky Brazil, one of many design house exhibiting at Home and Houseware Show 2009 at McCormick Center, Chicago.

Monday, July 6, 2009

product: 'tempua' nest

Tempua nest is one of the unique natural construction. Delicate as it may seem, hats off to the 'tempua' bird for its natural engineering prowess.
Although pebble and stone are partly guilty in selling the nest. We make sure the nests are abandoned before put to sell.
" we care about nature, so let us embrace one of nature unique gift together"
price: RM50 (including postal charges)
product code: AA03

Friday, July 3, 2009

product: pebble watch

This is a definite selection for ladies. Simple yet exudes the extravagant of an expensive jewellery. Come only in black pearl, the beauty of the unique stones is brought out by each line of pattern scribing inside and on the surface of the stone.

"Why don't you give it a try; at RM35* it is worth every penny spent on it"
*(including postal charges)

price: RM35
product code: AA02

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

product: warm orchid

Warm Orchid is the first series of July product catalogue. Each month, Pebble and Stone will release a product catalogue which will includes the likes of "warm orchid" and many more.

"warm orchid symbolizes tranquil and calmness, its serenades the tune of nature to your life"

warm orchid available in 4 colors
*pink *yellow
*purple *white

price: RM75 (with postal charges)
product code: AA01